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He blinded himself with science

Do animals have emotions?

The cover story of this month’s US News and World Report is wondering that very thing. Specifically, it asks: Do animals have feelings?

I find it curiously fucking annoying that there are still people out there who question the presence of emotions in animals.

One scientist is quoted as saying that it's impossible to prove that even human beings have emotions. Another neuroscientist named LeDoux questions wether or not animals are conscious: "the movie we call consciousness is not there," he spouts of. LeDork also says, "…you can't prove what it’s feeling, if anything." In this quote, he's referring to whales specifically, but I'm going to assume he feels the same way about animals in general.


Excuse me while I tear out what little hair I have left.

Is this dumbfuck saying that it's impossible to prove that animals have emotions, much less consciousness??

Jeezuz fucking god almighty. Excuse me, but can I stick my Rottweiler up your ass you stupid prick?

Let's say a tiger were to sneak up on this LeDork fella and, ohhh, I don't know, bite his ass off. You think LeDork would be a little angry? Upset? Sad to lose his ass?

Let’s say that LeDork gets a letter today saying that the funding for his so-called scientific research were cut off. You think Mr. LeDork might experience, hmmm…sadness? Think that a person walking in on LeDork would notice by the look on his face or the drool from his mouth that maybe, just maybe, he wasn't in a very cheerful mood?

I don't know how LeDork's stupidity is funded. But the fact that he makes his living doing this tells me that there are others out there as stupid as he is.

If I were to walk up to my dog and kick him in his side, I would bet the entire contents of my checking account ($30 by the way; the check for monster-love-seat-with-the-weird-orbs just went through) that my very vocal Springer Spaniel would yelp in pain and cower away from me.

Hmmm...yelping in pain, cowering away...most smart, intelligent folks would qualify those actions as indicative of not only consciousness, but feelings.


Most folks with really special abilities like, say, eyesight.

But not this scientist. He needs theories. He needs diagnosis. He needs funding.

What he really needs is for someone to slap a huge 4X4 of common sense upside his scientific fucking head.

It amazes me how, despite the obvious huge amounts of work and sheer intelligence that it takes to become a respected scientist, some of these guys can so obviously lack the most important form of intelligence of all: common sense.

They get wrapped up in their details, their examinations, their hypothesis and somehow become blind to the obvious truth of nature.

Thankfully, not all scientists are as blind as LeDork:

"…if you believe in evolution by natural selection, how can you believe that feelings suddenly appeared, out of the blue, with human beings?"

Jane Goodall said that.

And thankfully, she was quoted in the article too.

14:55:00 - 2000-10-26


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